Chad Feldman's experience in the bodybuilding and fitness industry allows him to use cutting edge training technology in bio-mechanics and exercise physiology to work with all ages, body types, and fitness levels. All of his fitness programs are customized to your fitness goals.

2nd Place - 1995 Sherman Classic

Mr. Feldman is dedicated to teaching people the proper techniques and methods in weight training, breathing, weight loss, weight gain, cardiovascular conditioning, change in body composition, muscle strengthening, eating management guidance, and nutritional supplementation. This knowledge allows his clients to reach their fitness and wellness goals without injury or harm to their body.

Mallory & Chad - May '09

Chad has studied Kinesiology to expand his knowledge as a trainer. He has been helping people for over 20-years to help reach their fitness goals by teaching them the proper techniques in weight training, nutrition, and supplementation. He keeps up with the latest nutritional trends by attending yearly seminars on the breakthroughs in alternative nutritional supplementation conducted by professional doctors specializing in nutrition. This allows Chad to remain on top of the cutting edge in supplementation and what's new in the world of nutrition.

He also educates and advises all his clients what supplements are quality and which ones are not. All of his clients are consulted in nutritional guidance and supplementation so that Chad can customize an appropriate supplement and nutritional program for them. Each program is tailored to his client's needs and body type to enhance their fitness and wellness goals.
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