Wedding/Contest Prep

Tamra & Heather bringing home the "hardware" from Shreveport 5/30/14 for their "HARDWORK!"

Everyone getting their "Game Faces" on for Ft. Worth 5/29/15 LOL

SETX Championships 4/23/16-
ANOTHER successful
Feldman Fitness, L.L.C. presentation here in our own backyard....Beaumont!

Whatever your big day may be, an upcoming wedding, photo shoot, vacation, fitness modeling, bodybuilding, audition, re-union, etc., Chad Feldman can implement a training and nutrition program to ensure that you look and feel your best. Physical fitness training and a proper diet leads to increased mental focus, giving you peace of mind and clarity of vision when the big day arrives. Chad has competed in body building, fitness modeling, photo shoots, etc. He realizes that preparing for an event that requires one to be “camera ready” can be very stressful. Chad's goal is to take that stress away by making the process as enjoyable as possible. Because, when it comes time for the day when the camera is flashing and the spot light is on you, Chad wants you to be confident in the way you look and feel. I guarantee to have you looking and feeling your best for any occasion.

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