Frequently Asked Questions

When are you available to train?

Mon - Fri  6am - 7pm  (Weekends occasionally)

What are your rates?
Rates may vary. Discounts will apply with multi-session packages. Contact Chad for more details.

How long is the contract I'll be stuck with?
There is no contract, monthly dues, or intitation fees.

How long will it take to see results?
3 - 6 weeks, results may vary by individual.

What is the role of a personal fitness trainer?
To represent the lifestyle we teach. To be a good coach, director, advisor, and lastly a friend.

What type of training does this involve?
The training is unique to the person, but may include any of the following: weight training, resistance, cardio respiratory training, nutritional guidance, positive thinking, and motivation.

Where do you train?
In the privacy of my of own personal studio,  In-Home, Office or Outdoor training.

How often do I need to train with you?
2 - 4 days per week, depending on needs, goals, and schedule.

What if I travel often?
I design travel-training programs and as well as phone counseling services to accommodate continual training.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes.  These may vary from 1 to as many as desired. Great idea for birthdays or Holiday gifts!                     

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