Phone Counseling

Out of State?

   If you don't live in the Beaumont or surrounding area, and you are unsure or have many questions about diets/nutrition, supplementation, or exercise programs, a live phone consultation with Chad will get all your questions answered. Chad will be able to recommend a complete fitness plan which includes his eating management program, supplements you will need, weight training exercises, and cardiovascular recommendations. Plus answer any other questions you might have.


 Chad started this live fitness phone coaching program due to the fact that many people across the U.S. are confused and don't know where to turn for help. He knows it is easier to explain things over the phone rather than by email. Phone Coaching/Consulting is a great way for a person to learn and get all their answers to the questions they might have. 
   *When purchasing a phone consultation, you will receive the following items at no extra charge: 1. Chad's eating management program, which is a $100.00 value.
2. A regimented schedule on what, when, and how much to consume throughtout your day, along with when to take your supplements. 
*NOTE: Email and let him know that you are ready to purchase a 30, 60 or the 1 ½ hour phone consultation. Also, include date and time you would like to have him call you. 
   Purchase your private one-on-one phone consultation now and start learning what to do to get your self into top shape!

Phone Consulting Rates: 

$30.00 / 30 minute phone consultation 

$75.00 / 60 minute phone consultation 

$125.00 / 1.5 hour phone consultation 

If you would like to contact Chad for any further questions email him at or call his office at 409.454.0933

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