Feldman Fitness Vitamins

In today's fast paced society we are thankfully becoming a health conscious nation.  With this comes a mass production of vitamins and supplements available.  Some we don't know how to even pronounce, yet we choose to consume them for a variety of reasons i.e. value, slick marketing, the advice of friends.  Didn't your mother ever tell you not to judge a book by it's cover?  At Feldman Fitness, L.L.C. I believe in a quality product that delivers.  MY name stands behind that!  In a comparative study of over 500 nutritional brands my product formula was ranked at 95.4%; the supplement formula rated #1 by the health care profession worldwide!* 
Below, I have listed some popular vitamins and their ranking for comparisons to the blended standard and bodily absorption rate.

Feldman Fitness Multi-Formula
EAS Multi Blend-----------------------------------------------------------------62.1%
Geritol Complete--------3.4%
GNC Ultra Mega Green------------------------------------------46.9%
Herbalife Formula-----------------14.8%
Mannatech Glycentials---------------------------------33.1%
Nature Made Essential Mega-------------17.9%
Natures Way-----------------------------------------33.2%
One A Day Active--------5.1%
One A Day Advanced Women's----1.9%
Webber Naturals Multivitamin Extra B-----2.3%

The Choice is yours......choose quality.....it's your life....YOU'RE worth it!
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