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Diet Package

Want to make a substantial change to your physique?

If so, get a Personalized Diet Program designed especially for you!

"Knowledge for Life!"

First off all Feldman Fitness LLC wants everybody to now that "Diets" don't work.  What does work is a personalized nutrition & supplementation program tailored to fit your needs and body type.  Along with your personalized diet program, Chad will also recommend that you should incorporate an exercise program into your everyday life 3 to 4 days a week.

Feldman Fitness LLC knows that with all the misleading "experts/authorities" information in the weight loss industry, it has forced millions of people to waste money, time and motivation on ineffective products & programs.  We are here to assist you make better and wiser health choices by separating what is fact from fiction to help you achieve that look you are after and more importantly, optimal overall health.

Chad's weight loss and nutrition consulting will help you not be confused any longer.  He understands everybody has different genetics and body types.  He also knows that many people are overweight and have some serious health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes or other medical conditions which have to be put on an all natural and safe program.  All of Chad's diet programs are personalized to your body type and fitness condition.

During your consultation you will learn what it takes to speed up one's metabolism thus causing a change in body composition (increase in lean body mass & a reduction in body fat) along with obtaining a better sense of well being.

Below are components you will learn how to address to lose weight and feel better successfully:

  • * How to increase your metabolism safely.
  • * How to safely increase thermo genesis in the body and not cause harm to your heart or adrenal glands.
  • * How to help balance blood sugar levels.  What you need to fill in your nutritional gaps.
  • *  How to help take stress off the heart when you're overweight.
  • * How to control your cravings for fatty foods.
  • * How to prevent your body from going into a catabolic state (state when your body   feeds off of muscle for energy instead of body fat)
  • * What foods to eat to get lean and when to eat your meals.
  • * What exercise program should you do, for how long, and how many times per week.

 You will also receive all of the following with your weight loss and nutrition consultation.

  • *You will learn how to get lean.
  • *You will learn how to put your meals together.
  • *You will learn how much protein you will need in your diet.
  • *You will learn what foods to stay away from.
  • * You will learn about supplements.
  • * You will learn what supplements you will need to fill in the gaps of your diet and why.

 - Plus your program is typed out for you.  This way you can follow your program without any confusion.

                                 You get all of this knowledge for only $300

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